Advanced Mindfulness Courses

Our advanced courses are for people who have taken Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or Mindfulness & Psychotherapy.

4-8 weeks programs designed to deepen and strengthen your mindfulness practice.


Opening the Mind & Heart

This course will focus on using mindfulness meditation to work with difficult mind states, including thoughts and feelings. Through meditative investigation of body sensations, participants will learn to listen to the language of the body in order to enhance insight and understanding. The practices of compassion and forgiveness will be worked with to enhance our joy and well-being.
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 Deepening Presense

This small group-class will focus on mindfulness meditation practice and exploration
of our current lives with the intention of deepening presence in all aspects of life,
our own internal world, our interpersonal relationships, and our interaction with the world at large. Through Meditation, participants will cultivate both stability and spaciousness of the mind. We will also examine the barriers to presence as well as states of mind that enhance our presence in life.
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